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Many car buyers in Atlanta pay a lot in interest. You don’t have to be one of them. Believe it or not, the rate you will get is within your control. You can limit the amount you pay in interest when you finance your next auto purchase by doing the following:
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Back in the day, car buyers only had to choose between new and used. Now, shoppers who decide to forgo new vehicles need to make another choice—used or certified pre-owned (CPO). If you were to opt for car that is not new, which should you choose? Understand what makes these two options similar yet different.
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Is bad credit auto refinancing possible? The answer is yes. If you are an Atlantan who intend to refinance an auto loan on bad credit, know that the process will not be as easy as refinancing an auto loan on good or excellent credit. There is bound to be a lender that can help you, but you need to take the necessary steps and spend time seeking out such lender.
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Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched ‘Operation Steer Clear,’ a nationwide campaign against deceptive advertising by auto dealers. In the investigation, nine auto dealerships were found to have misled consumers through print, video and online advertisements. One of the nine dealerships was Nissan of South Atlanta.Nissan of South Atlanta may be the only Georgia dealership involved in the FTC sweep, but it is not the only dealership in the state that tricks car buyers with false or misleading advertisements. Even in Atlanta, you may find a dealer that also resorts to deceptive advertising practices.
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Having enough money for a down payment is important for car buyers. It not only makes auto loan approval more likely but also prevents the ‘upside down loan’ scenario, wherein the individual owes more than the vehicle is worth. If you are planning to buy a car soon, you should get started on preparing a down payment. Most lenders here in Atlanta require a deposit before financing a vehicle. Here are some tips that can help you come up with the money necessary for your auto purchase.
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