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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Atlanta Auto Approval Center exactly do?
Atlanta Auto Approval Center provides auto loans to all Atlantans who are seeking financial means to purchase a car. We accept all types of credit.

How much loan amount can I get approved for?
It depends on more than a couple of factors like your credit rating, monthly income and the vehicle youíre looking to buy. We suggest considering your budget well so you can pay off the loan successfully.

When will I get a decision about my application?
We process your application as it gets in our hands. The process usually takes a few minutes. You can expect a decision within the day. Rare is the case where it takes 24 hours before we give a decision. To avoid this, make sure to completely fill out the application form with valid and appropriate information before submitting it.

How much down payment should I pay?
This depends on the loan amount, interest rate, loan term and credit rating. It is possible that you wonít be required a down payment anymore. We suggest filing an application first to find out how the payment terms would be in your case.

How much does your service cost?
We serve all Atlantans who are seeking financing for a car. It is our pleasure to help people get behind the wheel through our auto loans. We donít charge anything for this service. Yes, itís FREE.


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